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adamAdam Pohl

JMT Coach; Instructor

Adam Pohl is a lifelong resident of the Bozeman area who has been skiing for most of his life and climbing since early in high school. Growing up in Bridger Canyon ensured that the mountains would always be a central focus in life, and living in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem has provided countless mentors and locations that fuel his drive. When the opportunity to join the Junior Mountaineering Team arose his senior year of high school, he took it and still views his experience as one of the most rewarding and valuable undertakings in his young life. Though he is currently still languishing in the confines of teenagerdom, he has climbed and skied extensively throughout western North America, and plans on continuing to develop his powers to the point that, when he is confronted with the greater ranges (hopefully soon), he can make his mentors proud. He is currently studying music technology at Montana State University, and spends much of his non-mountain time trying to create unique and creative music, by any means necessary.

Education and Certifications: